Couples  Massage in Las Vegas

Sea Mountain Mobile Massage

Couples massage in Las Vegas Mobile Therapy can visit to your hotel or home at any location for couples massage in Las Vegas Nevada.

No matter the weather enjoy hot water pools and Zen retreat each day of the year.

The Couples Massage at Sea Mountain One Love Temple offers HEATED CLOTHING OPTIONAL COED POOLS FOR COUPLES ONLY WITH NO SINGLE MEN AND NON BODY SHAMING ATMOSPHERE and the most female-centric staff.
Enjoy a warm winter wonderland a Fall evening of hot soaking or a Summer day club with couples massage and 4 outstanding clothing optional coed pools. The couples massage comes to Sea Mountain Nude Resort for couples and women only with warm indoor lounge areas and 24 hour sexy Las Vegas dance club a Las Vegas couples massage with an all day treat of lunch and bottomless beverages as seen in the Best of the Los Angeles Times,

Couples Massage Las Vegas and use of all the alt theme park indoor and hot pool areas is always included.

The must do romantic Las Vegas experience.

Couples Massage in Las Vegas is featured as best of a safe and private and warm and upscale luxury experience.

Receive your Couples Massage at Our Favorite Las Vegas Location the One Love Temple at Sea Mountain Las Vegas Nevada. 

Our favorite place for a couples massage or a romantic retreat in Las Vegas is the One Love Temple

Spend the Las Vegas Vacation Day with a One hour Massage for two or more with lunch and beverages and snacks included and get to tan and dance and use all of the One Love Temple Grounds.

As seen in the Las Vegas Sun and Best of Las Vegas couples massage 2017 and Best of Vegas Massage 2016-17

Have a therapeutic couples massage in Las Vegas. The few top optional and topless pools in Las Vegas are an expensive disappointment. Those supposed adults only pools have MOSTLY single men at Vegas Topless pools paying extra admission to be voyeurs and just to see your topless beauty.  It’s not Zen it’s not cool and it can be negative energy playground.

Come to the land the Sea Mountain Lifestyles Temple where all are equal and where all can be nude, a Temple of love with only couples and women and no lurking single men. Wear a robe or a towel or sarong if you are shy of the body temple and step into the waters of the most progressive and upscale lifestyles experience in the world. Yes, the world.


Reserve a day of couples massage in Las Vegas to pamper yourself at the AWARDED Temple Nude Retreat and rage at Sea Mountain One Love Clothing Optional Temple. The ultimate adults only couples and women’s retreat – Make it a complete and luxurious day vacation! If you are staying in Las Vegas at another hotel or live in town, you are welcome to join us for one of the most refreshing days or nights of your life.

Open every day of the year, NO MATTER THE WEATHER, come enter the most glorious nude couples lifestyles retreat.

Witness the SMI ONE LOVE massage.  As developed at the Sea Mountain Inn Malibu and Sea Mountain Beverly Hills.  Includes modern Asian massage and bodywork techniques focus on the energetic pathways.  The Licensed Sea Mountain Mobile Therapy Therapists are able to feel the energy your chi you Nefesh the Hebrew life force.  Detox your body with our SMI ONE LOVE  Deep Tissue or Swedish SMI Massages.

We love to do out call at these wonderful hotels:

Our favorite place for a couples massage or a romantic retreat in Las Vegas is the One Love Temple


  • Aroma Therapy ~ Full body treatment with special powerful essential oils.
  • Deep Tissue Massage ~ Cross fiber muscle manipulation, meridian points contact.
  • Reflexology Massage ~ Meridian points on feet, hands and head stimulated rhythmically.
  • Reiki Massage ~ Chakra Balancing through focused energy re-alignment.
  • Swedish Massage ~ Adjustable pressure using smoothing or kneading strokes.

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